If you’re anything like me, you probably got your first reading taste with a toddler in the room. And while they may not have been able to understand the words, they did get a chance to hear them. Sure, it might have sounded like gibberish, but it was that forgoing rhymey stuff that we all love about listening to stories. Here are five benefits of listening to audio books as a student:

It’s Easy

The main reason you’ll want to start listening to audiobooks is because it’s easy. If you’ve only ever read a book aloud to your child, you’ll struggle to read a book silently. But once you’ve gotten used to reading out loud, it’s not too hard to transition to audio. In fact, a lot of audiobooks are now available on CD, meaning you don’t need to be able to read out loud to listen to them. 

It’s Cheap

Even if you have to borrow audio books from friends or search for used copies, they’re rarely as expensive as books. There are also a lot of public libraries that lend out audio books for free. If you’re a member of your library or you have access to a school library, you can take advantage of this. 

It Can Be Rewarding

The main reason you’ll want to start listening to audio books is because they can be rewarding. You can find out what other students think of a book and whether they liked it as much as you did. With audio books, you don’t have to worry about other people’s reactions or whether you’ll like the book. 

You Can Read In Your Pj’s

Reading out loud to an audio book can be a great way to find time to read. You can listen to an audiobook while you’re doing chores, studying, or even while you’re hanging out with friends. This is great because it helps you to find the time to read while avoiding interruptions. 

Help With Vocabulary Development

Audio books can also help you to build your vocabulary. This can be helpful for those who don’t have a huge vocabulary or who find finding the correct word difficult. With audio books, you have no choice but to break each word down and add it to your vocabulary. 


Audiobooks are great for students who want to read but don’t want to deal with the hassle of actually reading a book. https://www.collegebasics.com/blog/all-you-can-books-overview/ can save you from the hassle of transporting books, finding a quiet space to read, and waiting for the right book. They can also save themselves from the frustration of reading a difficult or boring book.