MuleSoft is a platform that uses various cloud-based technologies to facilitate the process of project collaboration and workflow automation for software development teams. With MuleSoft, developers can create workflows that can be set up to monitor, manage, and respond to their team’s project tasks. Established in 2006 by co-founders Alex Popescu and Robert Hirschhorn, MuleSoft has grown into a company with over 4500 employees worldwide which Oracle acquired in 2016.

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One of the critical features of MuleSoft is that it is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for companies that focus on Messaging. As such, MuleSoft’s core functionality is messaging integration, which acts as a ‘middleware’ for any data produced or used by applications. One of the most popular ways to use this platform is to set up payment gateways between two applications; it also has robust security and archiving capabilities.

MuleSoft has two other essential offerings available to its customers: CloudHub and Anypoint Platform. CloudHub provides in-cloud services like onboarding, building APIs, and allowing standard communication between different cloud services (e.g., SaaS applications). At the same time, the Anypoint platform is offered to manage and control the resources in the cloud. Furthermore, MuleSoft also provides application developers with an SDK to allow them to build and integrate mobile applications independently.

There are also several projects that MuleSoft has been involved with and contributed to. One of the main ones is a project built on top of the application platform’s SaaS service called CloudShield – a security platform for cloud-based applications. In addition, MuleSoft has also helped to create an open-source project called the IBP (IBM Blockchain Platform), a blockchain-based platform for peer-to-peer transactions between consumers and producers.

In addition, other notable companies use MuleSoft’s services as well. For example, many American Airlines planes and ATMs use MuleSoft for their messaging capabilities. In addition, companies like Uber, Accenture, and Microsoft are also using MuleSoft’s services.

Currently in development, and there are no public releases to date. The full release date is yet to be announced. There are plans for different modules for this service to accommodate different developer types. These modules include:

MuleSoft is a proprietary, cloud-based platform that lets developers connect data, applications, and systems in just a few clicks. The Anypoint Platform powers it.

Anypoint Platform is a middleware platform that enables developers to connect data and applications in the cloud. MuleSoft CloudHub is an enterprise-grade service bus that provides secure connectivity between SaaS applications and on-premises data sources via REST or WebSockets APIs.