There is no doubt that solar and wind have emerged as the two most promising forms of renewable energy worldwide. As they expand in their footprint, both of them are helping accomplish environmental sustainability and energy security as environmental concerns continue to grow. 

Governments and businesses are, consequently, becoming more conscious of their energy consumption and its consequences on the environment and increasingly adopting solar and wind power. 

Closer home, in India, companies like AMP Energy India, which ranks among the leading solar power companies, work with leading corporates and utilities to implement and manage the full spectrum of offsite and onsite solar power projects.

So, which one out of the two is the better renewable energy source? To understand the efficacy of the choice, we will compare wind energy with solar energy in the below sections.


Wind Energy

  • Benefits 
      • Wind turbines are erected in rural locations with broad plains, allowing settlements to have more electricity.
      • It is limitless and does not pollute the air.
      • It can be used throughout the night, day, or in overcast conditions.
  • Limitations
    • Turbines make a lot of noise.
    • In stormy weather, lightning and wind can cause damage to wind turbines.
    • Wind farms are often situated in rural locations, making transmission more difficult and costly.

Solar Energy

  • Benefits 
    • Solar panels do not produce any noise.
    • The panels may be installed on both roofs and the ground.
    • It has a higher level of predictability.
    • It takes very little upkeep.
    • Solar panels of different sizes can be installed in a variety of devices and at a variety of locations.


  • Limitations
    • The supply is very reliant on the weather. It has issues running at night or in inclement weather.
    • Although solar panels are low-maintenance, they are delicate. Thus, great care must be taken during their installation.
    • It might not be easy to choose the best location for their installation.
    • The cost of storing power in batteries is high.

Which is the most efficient option – solar or wind?


When we speak about renewable energy efficacy in India, we talk about the output created by various sources. Wind turbines transform around 50% of collected wind into electricity, while solar panels transform approximately 23% of sunshine into energy. We can deduce that wind energy power is twice as optimum as solar panels. The benefit of wind power is that turbines can operate at night and even when there are only light winds.


Which one is the most cost-effective – solar or wind?


Compared to solar, wind power installation costs a lot, depending on the service or technology provider, the plant size, and other considerations. A tax benefit of up to 80% is accessible as depreciation for the first year. Every year, the procedure costs thousands, including insurance. We can conclude that solar power is more cost-effective than wind energy in this case. 

Advantages of Solar over wind energy


Solar panels and wind turbines from renewable energy solutions companies are commonly utilised. Therefore, if we concentrate on which is more prevalent, the answer will always be solar energy. You can look at the benefits listed below to make your judgement:


  • Scale

Solar panels can be used to build enormous solar farms that can produce electricity on a big scale. Solar power is also more consistent than wind energy.

  • Simple Installation 

Solar panels of solar power companies, on the other hand, can be installed on the ground given by dwellings. Still, wind turbines require wide swaths of land, free of obstructions.

  • Capacity

The sun is a fantastic energy source that can create enormous electricity. Solar energy generates a massive quantity of energy, much more than wind power.

  • Limited Maintenance 

Solar panels are superior to wind turbines when it comes to maintenance. They can last 30+ years and need very little maintenance.

  • Noise

Solar panels from renewable energy solutions companies also offer an advantage over wind turbines in that they do not emit noise.

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