When it comes to making the switch to more environmentally friendly products, rechargeable batteries are right up there in terms of the reduced impact they have on the planet. This is because they produce far less waste and use less energy than single-use equivalents. So, what devices work well with rechargeable batteries? Can they be used in anything that takes a single-use battery? And can you use regular batteries in all devices that come with rechargeable batteries? Read on to find out more. 

Which Devices Work Best with Rechargeable Batteries? 

Gaming Controllers

Those who play video games every day will appreciate the convenience of USB C rechargeable AA batteries, according to the experts at Pale Blue Earth, manufacturers of rechargeable lithium smart batteries. Gaming controllers can be in use for many hours per day, with the average lifespan of an alkaline battery being 40 hours. So, if you were playing for 4 hours a day, you would be looking at new batteries every ten days or so. With a set of four rechargeable batteries, you could charge one while using the other, saving you a lot of money. 

Children’s Toys

Any toy with electronic parts will require batteries. The length of time that single-use batteries last in these toys will typically depend on how often the toy is played with. If your child spends a lot of time playing with battery-operated toys, it could be economical to just recharge them when required instead of having to keep buying single-use batteries. 

Digital Cameras

Keen photographers love the fact that they can use rechargeable batteries in their compact cameras. This is particularly useful when going on vacation because you can just charge your battery every night, ready for use again the next day. Some people like to have two batteries to ensure that they never find themselves without a charged battery when they find the perfect shot. 

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes tend to consume quite a bit of power. If you are using single-use batteries in them, you could find that this is quite costly over time. With rechargeable batteries, you will have the ability to get hundreds, or even thousands, of charges out of one set of batteries. 

Can You Use Rechargeable Batteries in All Battery-Operated Devices? 

There are some devices that should not be used with rechargeable batteries, such as smoke alarms. The reason for this is because rechargeable batteries tend to work at full capacity until they completely run out of charge. This means that they can go from full power to low power very quickly. When used in smoke alarms, this may mean that the warning beeps a smoke alarm usually emits when the battery is running low might be missed. 

That does not mean that smoke alarms will not operate with rechargeable batteries – they will, of course. To overcome this situation, it is advisable to note the date of when you change your smoke alarm batteries and change them every six months with a new set of fully charged batteries. You can also check the smoke alarm weekly to make sure it is working as it should. 

Can Any Rechargeable Batteries Be Used in My Device? 

Some devices come with their own rechargeable batteries, such as solar lights for example. These batteries are charged by the sun and as such may be made specifically for the device which they are in. Although there may be some solar lights that will work with any rechargeable battery, most will not. It is best to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before replacing the batteries in a solar light.