If you want to create your website or blog, then one of the best solutions that you can switch to is WordPress. WordPress is the most popular and the simplest way for website creation and one of the best things that you will know about WordPress is that 1-in-4 websites that you visit are powered by WordPress. So, you can come across several websites which are powered by WordPress. WordPress can also be described as a content management system, which is open-source, and it is licensed. One of the things, which you should know is that a content management system, is more of like a tool that handles all the pivotal aspects of your website. 

Building Website – 

Apart from that, you can get WordPress web design options also. WordPress is licensed with GPLv2 so one of the benefits is that any person can modify the WordPress software at no cost. It is free. People who are not developers can also build a website through WordPress. WordPress also contains a template and architecture system plugin. So, one of the things that you can do is simply customize your website so that it fits your blog, online store, and portfolio. 

Difference between WordPress.Org and.Com – 

There is a difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com that you should know. You can host your WordPress website or blog on wordpress.org through a 3rd party hosting provider. Plus you will require WordPress software, and then you will have to purchase a domain name on a third-party site and handle your server. But wordpress.com hosts your website for you. Here there is no need for you to neither download any software nor manage any kind of server. If you select wordpress.com, then your websites’ URL will look like – www. XYZ (my website).wordpress.com. 

Merits of WordPress – 

There are several benefits of WordPress. The first and foremost benefit is that WordPress is free. You can create a website for free. There are no hassles in hosting. You will get a wide variety of themes, which makes the WordPress designer or designing a website pretty easy and unique. You can add the website content very fast and in simple ways. Plus, you can also get updates easily and quickly. Plugins are always enabled, so you can work on the website. And, not to forget you can also get help in the creation of your website as there is plenty of help all around. 

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