Minecraft is one of the best-known games you will see online, and there is a good reason behind it. The game allows you to build buildings, and there is an infinite world for you to explore with biomes that come from snowy mountains to lush jungles. There are no specific tutorials that can give you the ins and outs when you first start to play the game. But for new players that are spending their time building, digging, and crafting in Minecraft, these are the simple tips for you to know. These are the essential tips that you will learn when you play Minecraft.

Pick and make your world.

After you have Minecraft servers, it is time for you to know what type of game you like to play. There are two options which is the survival and creative mode. The survival mode doesn’t give you any provisions, and you will be given limited health. It only means you have to start mining for you to survive. Enemies are waiting for you or hostile mobs that come out when the sun is out, so you have to work fast to live longer.

The creative mode is ideal for those that like to build. There will be no hostile mobs, and it gives you the time to make your buildings without any distraction. In this mode, you will have unlimited resources with easy access to most crafting items, such as blocks that cannot be seen in the survival mode.

Making your skin

You have the chance to customize your character by choosing pre-made skins that you can see in the settings. But why not create your skin? There are updates where you can make your skin and use it in your character, depending on what you like. The game is fun to play when you are playing as an inclined dinosaur.

Learning the controls

It is easy to learn the controls in the game because you can manage them before even starting playing. You can control a directional movement when you see a D-pad on the bottom left of your screen. You have to tap to put the blocks, attack the enemies, and hold them to break them. You need to double-tap the jump button and slide your finger up to fly in the creative mode. For you to descend, you can double-tap the jump button. You can adjust your controls by tapping it in the settings button, and you can increase your D-pad size depending on how sensitive you like to have.

Collect all the resources

You have to start collecting resources like dirt, stone, and wood. You need to tap and hold the block that you like to order to do it. You don’t have to worry whether you are collecting a lot, but the game’s idea is for you to survive through the night.

Making a shelter

You can look for the perfect spot to make your home. It can be near the mountain or a small space with stone, wood, or dirt. You have to make a temporary home, and it doesn’t need to be luxurious. It would help if you barricaded yourself, and you have to leave an upper square to look for the sunrise when it is safe to go out.