Today, the world is witnessing changes at multiple levels regarding energy factors on a global scale. The action to conserve our environment is not only limited to prohibiting the use of plastic or temporarily switching to renewable energy just for namesake. The current young generation is taking charge to change the scenario, working hard towards protecting our planet by permanently shifting from conventional energy sources to renewables. The renewable energy industry is consistently working on revolutionizing how we can generate and store renewable energy, and key players like AMP Energy India are contributing internationally. 

The prime purpose of revolutionizing the usage of renewable energies in mainstream industries is their positive impact on the environment; it is eco-friendly, unlike non-renewable sources. Lately, the renewable energy industry is creating more employment across the globe compared to other economies. It is instrumental to humans and is the most reliable source for our bright future. While we evolve, we learn about numerous unknown, unexplored, and practically valuable facts. We have some of the lesser-known facts about renewable sources of energy and simultaneously the benefits of opting for renewable energy in the current time. 

Past and Future

Renewable energy is not just our future but also our past. The practical use of geothermal energy can be traced back to Roman times. Romans designed their buildings in such a way that they encouraged the flow of warm air towards the basement and inside walls so that it warms their homes. They used renewable sources of energy cleverly, and no wonder they could, as it is a natural way of elevating a lifestyle from their surroundings.



According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), renewables were the world’s cheapest energy sources in 2020. The latest report of IRENA showed that the cost of renewable technologies, especially wind and solar energy, is reducing significantly. The rapid drop in the prices of these technologies in recent years has enabled all the countries from mixed economies across the globe to raise their renewable energy production capacity. Along with the increased capacity, world-class renewable energy companies like AMP Energy India are working tirelessly towards Sustainability, Affordable – Renewable Energy, Floating Solar Projects, and more. The government is including the agenda to push the Make in India initiative and boost the scale of renewable energy production and its storage for the benefit of all citizens. 


International Tech giants like Apple have pledged to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030 for their entire supply chain and products, while Google committed to a carbon-free business by 2030. Renewable sources of energy are helpful in the broader picture of eliminating carbon emission, pollution control, and several such harms to nature. It is called green energy or clean energy for a great reason. Nuclear-generated electricity is not renewable, but it is zero-carbon, which means its generation emits low levels or almost no CO2, just like renewable energy sources. Tech companies are working on de-carbonizing. Founder and CEO of AMP Energy, a major renewable energy firm, said that they are not planning to be one of the world’s largest renewable energy developers but to redefine the meaning of a superpower in the race of de-carbonizing our world.

The sustainability of wind energy, solar energy, and advancement in rooftop solar installation projects, commercial wind turbine systems, etc., are closely revolutionizing and reducing the efforts of using renewable energy sources reliably. In the upcoming decades, damage caused by conventional sources will be vividly clear, and renewable energy sources will be the ultimate saviors. If our future generations learn to use these renewable sources and store them properly at the right time, there will be substantial transformation and comfort in their lifestyle.