Owning an Android smartphone means you’ve probably come across an APK file at some point and may have wondered what it is. If you want to start downloading leaked apps or further customise – your Android experience is feasible via the Play Store alone. You must understand this. You’ll discover what APK files are in our guide and how to obtain and install Android APK free download.

An APK is what?

An Android application gets installed using an APK (Android Package Kit) file type. It functions similarly to a Windows executable (EXE) file or a Mac package installer (PKG)

If you’ve ever downloaded an Android app from the Google Play store, you’ve unknowingly used anAndroid APK download. The APK file is automatically downloaded to your phone and launched when you click the Install button on Google Play.

How Come An APK?

If Google Play doesn’t have the Android app you want to install, you can manually install it by downloading the APK file from the internet.

Enabling unidentified apps on Android:

You must first allow unknown apps in Chrome or any other browser before you can download APK files:

  • Go to the settings on your device and select Apps & Notifications (or Apps in older versions of Android).
  • In the top-right corner, tap the three dots.
  • Select “Special access.”
  • Application, More menu, and Special Access options for Android
  • Select Unknown Apps to Install.
  • Click Chrome (or whichever web browser you use)
  • Put Allow in the On position for this source.

Install a file manager for Android

You’ll need a mechanism to locate the application file (APK file) on your phone once you’ve set up your phone to allow you to install unknown apps so that you may use them.

If you don’t already have a file management app for your Android phone, look for one of the top Android file managers on Google Play. You might obtain File Manager or Cx File Explorer, for instance.

How to set up an APK on an Android phone or tablet?

  • APK files can get installed simply from your browser on an Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Open your browser, navigate to the APK file you wish to download, and press it. Your device’s top bar should then show the download progress.
  • When prompted, tap Yes after opening Downloads and tapping the APK file.
  • Your device will start installing the app. Simple.

How does Android Studio work to extract an APK file?

  • Go to Build > Build Bundle(s) / APK (s) > Build APK in the Android menu (s).
  • Your APK will begin to compile in Android Studio. When finished, a pop-up will appear in the bottom right corner to let you know.
  • In this dialogue, click the ‘find’ button.
  • The “find” button should launch File Explorer and show the “app-debug.apk” file in the debug folder.