When it comes to your WordPress site, you will find that more traffic will lead to increased lead conversions. If you are a site owner and are struggling with web traffic, there are some simple things that you can embrace to boost success and higher search engine ranks. Besides implementing them for your site, it is prudent for you to install accessibility tools to help you boost visibility and accessibility to everyone online, including users with disabilities.

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin and its advantages for your site

The Accessibe WordPress plugin is an extensive tool when it comes to enhancing the web accessibility of your site. As a business owner; you should never neglect the importance of accessibility for your site, or else you will be subject to legal lawsuits and fines.

Besides the installation and the activation of this plugin for your WordPress site, you should also keep in mind the following tips-

1. Site map- If you have lots of informational content on your site, opt for a sitemap to help visitors and search engines online to navigate your site better. In the case of the latter, they are able to find new web pages on the site to improve the crawl rates and the indexing of the web pages.

2. Social media integration-You should have the links to your website on popular social media sites. The more people see them, the greater they will connect with them for their needs.

3. RSS Feeds- Website visitors can subscribe to all your blog posts via the RSS Feeds. This means they do not have to come to the site again to check for fresh content. They will get notifications about fresh blogs and are more likely to share them among their network, boosting your site’s visibility and invoking more web traffic.

4. Ensure your site is mobile-friendly- These days, people are accessing the Internet from mobile gadgets. This means in order to tap into the targeted audience in the present times, you should ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. Do not assume that all of your customers will only use desktops when it comes to surfing your site. Remember to check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not, as this is an important criterion for all business websites today.

5. Avoid the use of Flash files- Search engines do not have the ability to crawl flash files, so if you have a lot of flash content, Google will not be able to view it, and the webpages will fail to get indexed.

6. Images should be optimized- No user likes to wait for your site images to load. It is here that you should use the optimal format for them. JPEG is the best as it is an algorithm for compressing images and does not hamper their quality either. After JPEG, you can opt for PNG; however, if the image file is large, this means users have to wait.

Therefore, besides downloading and installing the Accessibe WordPress plugin, ensure you keep the above in mind as well for better accessibility, more web traffic, and sales.