Nowadays, we can’t imagine our lives without PCs or Laptops. As we know, the CPU is the heart of a computer. And the server CPUs have more significant responsibilities; it processes all the requests from multiple nodes. Thus before buying it, let’s see what features the PowerEdge server has for you. 

The Features Of This Server 

The essential information you need while buying a server is the processor. The Dell PowerEdge R7525 has two AMD EPYC 7272 series processors. And with every AMD EPYC CPU, you get a DDR4-2666 memory configuration. 

This server is more advanced than others; it has two 16GB RAM available in the motherboard. Which equals 32GB, which is very good and the computer will run smoothly. And these RDIMM slots give you a better experience. 

In the raid feature, the PERC H7755 SAS Front controller gives you the option to expand the storage. Through this, you can increase the performance of this CPU Server system. 

This server gives you plenty of space, like an eight drive LFF version, or you can upgrade it with a 12 drive. And in the case of SFF storage, you can get 8 to 24 bays. Plus, it is incorporated with SAD 12Gbps. And not only that, you get 4x600GB Hard drive space. Hence, you won’t have any problem playing your high graphics games. 

This server provides you with OCP NIC 3.0. This server is the next generation NIC form factor. Besides this, it has Dual Port 10GbE BASE-T Adaptor, which is very important for Dell PowerEdge’s ecosystem.

This device is designed with a 2U server and chassis with up to 16x 2.5 SAS/SATA with XGMI. Also, you can Riser Configure this device from x5 to x16 slots. And the Dual power supply service of this server is very impressive as it provides you with a load of 800wW.

The front of this system has 2.5 hot-plug drive bays. The PCIe lanes of this server make it easier to access. And on the back of this system is something new and unique: two 1GbE Broadcom, two SFP and Ports. 

And finally, this server gives you excellent warranty service. You can get a 3yr Pro support warranty and 24×7 mission-critical assistance. Over and above that, 3yrs of Hard drive, plus 4hr onsite services. 


As you can see, the Poweredge R7525 is full of exciting and new features. The AMD EPYC core density is remarkable; this server will fulfil most of your requirements. So, If you are looking for a CPU server, go and buy it.