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A lot of people consider Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as a lifeline. However, getting approval and disability payments are not easy. The process can be both challenging and time-consuming. In fact, you can expect delays in getting approvals. But an SSDI lawyer can help you reduce the time you may spend on getting the necessary resources.  Also, you can learn more about the entire application process from your attorney. 

How Much Time You Need When Applying for Disability Benefits

Before you get disability payments, you must apply and show your eligibility for disability benefits. Such a process alone is time-consuming because of errors you might make when you file related paperwork. Any mistake on the application forms can add several months to the amount of time an SSA representative needs to process your claim. Also, missing documents like medical records can prolong the time necessary for making a decision on your SSDI claim. While the SSA wants to process claims within 3-5 months, applications may require more than 6 months. 

When are Approvals Granted?

Once the SSA representative assigned to your claim has made a decision, they will notify you about it. If they deny your claim, do not worry. An SSDI lawyer can help you appeal the denial. If the representative approves your application, you can start getting payments within 1-2 months of the date the decision was made. But payments may start coming later or right after the approval. 

What to Do to Speed Up the Decision Process

To help shorten the amount of time it takes for a decision on your claim to be made, here are steps you can take:

  • File your paperwork correctly. When it comes to paperwork filing, an attorney can help you do it without issues. With their assistance, you can avoid delays caused by flawed paperwork. 
  • Provide all related medical records. To prove that you sustained a qualifying disability, you must provide the SSA with your complete medical records that include your treatment and disability evaluation. 
  • Start the application online. When you apply for SSDI benefits, you should go to the local office of the SSA for an interview. But starting your application online allows the SSA representative to start processing your case. This can help the process go more smoothly. 

Often, you can face delays in your SSDI application because of missing documents and faulty paperwork. Such delays can result in hardships and losses, making it important to work with a good attorney.