Your IoT applications’ network. It reduces the energy consumption of your devices and is excellent for sending small amounts of data. The Swisscom LPN already covers more than 97.0% of the Swiss population.

Swisscom LoRaWan provides a Low Power Network (LPN) that covers the entire country of Switzerland through LoRaWan. With 97% of the population already covered, it is one of Switzerland’s most significant publicly accessible LoRa gateway networks.

The seamless integration of the LoRa gateway network into simplifies the management of connected IoT devices that are already in use, as well as new projects.

An account with the network provider is not required for the integration because provides this as a component of the LoRa gateway. It should be noted that there is a monthly connection fee for each registered device when the integration, as mentioned above, is implemented via Swisscom LoRaWan.

How is Swisscom Lorawan enhancing the businesses?

With cutting-edge solutions, Ericsson Expert Analytics will improve Swisscom’s customer experience and network quality and open the door for more straightforward access to 5G, IoT, and cloud services. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Actility also disclosed its technical cooperation with Swisscom for LoRaWAN networks, creating Swisscom LoRaWan.

The LoRa Alliance, a non-profit technological alliance with more than 500 member firms, is responsible for developing and promoting the open LoRaWAN standard to achieve widespread deployment of IoT Low Energy Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).

Essential IoT requirements, including secure two-way communication services, mobility, and location-based interoperability amongst carriers within a single system, are all met by LoRaWAN.

Using existing infrastructure to sell and connect products and solutions immediately, IoT solutions may now be implemented more efficiently than ever, thanks to the LoRaWAN network’s expanded availability. The most popular LPWAN technology, LoRaWAN, promises ubiquitous connectivity to third-party IoT applications while streamlining network architectures and maintenance.

With the benefit of this belatedly round of funding, Senet’s can continue focusing on creating the largest carrier-grade public LoRaWAN network in the US and promoting the adoption of global IoT solutions that offer coverage and connection in over 80 nations.

Activity will be able to use the investment to cover its operating expenses, promote its open industry-standard IoT networking solution, ThingPark, and expedite the development of technology alliances that will support a thriving ecosystem.

Activities Additionally, the ThingPark solution includes ThingPark Cloud Infrastructure, an interface for data storage and app development, and ThingPark Store, an online market for sensors, applications, and IoT networking solutions. The activity makes these components accessible to sensors through ThingPark Store, enabling them to launch new, creative IoT service providers and network solution providers.

Senet delivers cloud-based networking operating platforms, network distribution services, and the tools necessary to integrate and manage connected devices with scalability and security, utilizing these technical and ecosystem benefits. Applications. An internationally recognized low-power option for long-range IoT networks, gateways, sensors, modules, and ultra-low-power products is the LoRa gateway for Device-to-Cloud Data.

The LoRa Alliance®, an open IoT alliance for low power wide area network applications that have been used to establish IoT networks in over 100 villages, supports the LoRaWAN® standard with Semtech LoRa devices as the connectivity layer. He has since published a white paper titled “Digital Transformation of the Swiss Postal Service using LoRa® Devices and the LoRaWAN® Protocol.

To make a service request or place an order, the push-button device transmits a signal to Swiss Post, the nation’s postal service, using the Swisscom LoRaWAN network (also known as the Low Power Network / LPN). In addition to the online option, Swiss Post is also offering its customers a new “order pen” with a button that does it all.

Swiss Post and tiny LoRaWAN networks that can provide appropriate service for applications requiring data fetching every second confront various retail and connection challenges with the new IoT solution. An application can typically be constructed using Lambda, DynamoDb, or S3 services on IoT systems like AWS IoT.

LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network), an open-source communication protocol created by the LoRa Alliance Consortium, or Symphony Link, another open-source communication protocol developed by Link Labs, can be used as the communication layer. The Swiss Post elected only to employ the 97%-coverage national Swisscom LoRaWAN, known as the Low Power Network (LPN).


The management of connected IoT devices is made simpler by the seamless integration of the LoRa network into One of the largest publicly available LoRa networks in Switzerland is Swisscom LoRaWan. Activity will be able to use the financing to support its open industry-standard IoT networking solution and pay for operating costs.

A white paper on employing Semtech LoRa devices as the communication layer with LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) has been released by Swiss Post. Swiss Post is providing its customers with a new “order pen” that has a button that does it all in addition to the online option.

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