The data is in: customer expectations are changing. Google’s new report explains what users want from businesses this year based on a comparison of search volume from last year to the first quarter of this. Customers expect more from businesses, want things quicker and want new shopping experiences online and in-person.

Out and About

After a helluva long period stuck indoors with lockdowns, closed shops and social restrictions, consumers are keen on hitting the high street to shop and attend events in-person again. As times are seemingly returning to normal, or, a new normal, people want to leave their homes and enjoy the things they used to. Concerts, theatre, exhibitions, shop openings, restaurants. Here are some of the rises in search terms:

“Seating chart”: Up 600% year over year.

“Cinema near me”: Up 300% year over year.

“Unique things to do in”: Up 100% year over year.

Aucklanders are more likely to attend your events now than any time in the past two years. Get your event set up and get it online to spread the word with Google Ads. But the rise of searches for “unique things to do” signifies the willingness of people to move forward and try new things rather than return to what they used to do. They want new! “New” brings new expectations from customers in the way their shopping habits evolve.

New Trends

We’ve seen some emerging trends occur such as the following growing searches:

“Next day flower delivery”: Up 800% year over year.

“24/7 customer service”: Up 500% year over year.

“Late night shopping”: Up 100% year over year.

“Dog-friendly restaurants”: Up 100% year over year.

Everyone seems to be in a rush these days to get what they want now rather than later. As the population grows and disruptions to deliveries and shipping have had a big impact, the customer has come out of the other end wanting more and wanting it faster than ever. Next day delivery and 24/7 customer service show expectations have soared lately. These trends highlight the immediacy in which consumers expect to have their products. Offering fast-track delivery and having goods available to ship immediately is increasing in importance.

Google’s report is compiled by the Google Ads Research and Insights team from an analysis of billions of recent search queries. It’s allowed us to remain educated about the changes and expectations of customers and we hope this guide has provided an insight into how customers phrase their searches online. Use this to meet customers on Google by emphasising relevant key phrases on your website. If you want more support, contact a digital marketing specialist today.