Do you need rotating residential proxies for your data collection project? Would you like to find the best and fastest rotating residential proxies? Read on to find out more!

What is a rotating residential proxy?

A rotating residential proxy changes or rotates your proxy server for each request you make. This gives you extra protection from getting blocked by websites because your IP address changes with every page load, making it harder for them to track you.

Static and rotating residential proxies serve different purposes

A rotating proxy is different from a static proxy in that it allows you to access an entire pool of IP addresses. Rotating proxies change IP addresses either at fixed or random intervals. For example, they can change with every request you make or every few minutes.

What are the best rotating residential proxies in 2023?

Top 5 best rotating residential proxies:

Let’s start with the best rotating residential proxy!  (

ProxyEmpire provides over 5.3 million rotating residential proxies that are ethically sourced and equipped with advanced filtering that allows you to target countries, regions, cities, and ISPs.ProxyEmpire provides VIP integration support to get you set up quickly and easily. Their residential proxies work well with all standard proxy protocols, ensuring that they integrate seamlessly into your existing software stack.

ProxyEmpire is our favorite rotating residential proxy provider!

Lower range providers:

2) NetNut

NetNut offers data center and residential proxies for search intelligence, price comparison, and general web scraping. The provider recently introduced a new pricing plan structure which includes residential IPs and a wider variety of options. It primarily targets clients that need to scrape at scale; its pricing plans have a request-based option starting at $7,500. NetNut isn’t easy to tame because it lacks documentation, and a dashboard for stats (but not for the rest), and smaller plans lack features such as a dedicated account manager or IP whitelisting.

3) Oxylabs

Oxylabs operates primarily as a residential proxy provider but also has a rotating data center and ISP services. The company caters to businesses, which means it assigns dedicated account managers to clients and has extensive know-how about web scraping. Furthermore, its IP network works very well.

4) Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies sells rotating datacenter and residential proxies. The company has been offering affordable options for personal or small business use since its inception, and it continues to do so today. With Storm Proxies, you get simple service at affordable prices. You also get unlimited bandwidth for residential IPs with every plan. For benefits, you’ll be paying for features and performance. The targeting options are broad; however, the proxy pool is limited as well as the number of connections you can make per plan. The IPs perform okay but might not be able to keep up with those of premium providers.

5) Infatica

Infatica sells residential proxies for business use. Their IPs come from all over the world and are almost always available, although they do have a couple of dead zones. The proxy server is fast and can handle a lot of traffic, and their customer service is friendly. But if you’re looking for an anonymous solution, they’re not for you: They don’t accept bitcoins, they track your account activity on their site, and they require that your name and address be verified through postal mail before providing you with the service.