Our personal information often ends up in databases and servers, where it’s vulnerable to hacking or surveillance. Once something is online, it is difficult to ever fully erase it. But, what if there was a way to send private messages that disappear forever after being read? That’s the idea behind Privnote. Privnote is a web application that allows users to create text notes that self-destruct after being viewed. You paste or type text into Privnote, and it generates a unique link. Send that link to a friend or contact, and when they open it, they’ll see your message. It gets automatically deleted from Privnote’s servers, leaving no trace behind. The private message you sent has vanished into thin air without a trace.

Why would you want your texts to disappear?

  • Confidentiality – Privnote allows you to share private information like passwords or account numbers without permanently recording it. Once seen, the sensitive details evaporate.
  • No copies – Recipients can’t copy, save, or screenshot your privnote. The text is displayed securely through the browser. It prevents unwanted retention or sharing.
  • Peace of mind – With mainstream messaging apps, your texts often get saved indefinitely. Privnote erases conversations after their utility has ended.
  • Metadata protection – Privnote doesn’t record who sent or received a note. No metadata gets retained long-term that could reveal your contacts or associations.
  • Security – Privnotes get encrypted end-to-end. Not even Privnote staff access their content. And expiring notes don’t stick around to get hacked later.

How does the magic happen?

how to protect text in word? Your notes get encrypted client-side before they go to Privnote’s servers. Only the recipient can decrypt them in their browser. Instead of storing notes, Privnote generates random URLs that serve as access keys. Only with that URL will the note be visible. Privnotes expire after being read once. Privnote uses browser cookies to track when a note gets opened and self-destructs. Expired privnotes automatically get permanently deleted from Privnote’s servers, wiping them from existence. Privnote uses open-source libraries, so experts worldwide audit its security.

Use cases for disappearing messages

  1. Send a friend your WiFi password or door code, then have it disappear once they access your network or home.
  2. Give your partner private feedback or constructive criticism that you don’t need a record of forever.
  3. Share confidential work information or meeting notes that should get permanently deleted after use.
  4. Allow someone to briefly view a private photo that you want to have full control over.
  5. Send passwords, gift card codes, or other sensitive info you only intend the recipient to see once.
  6. Pass secret notes or inside jokes that won’t clutter up your long-term chat logs.

Privnote pioneered the concept of private expiring notes on the web. The app allows you to communicate and share information much more thoughtfully. You control how long your messages stick around, eliminating the risks of permanent retention. If you value privacy and want to keep sensitive info off the record, Privnote is worth exploring. Your secret messages will seem like they disappeared by magic!