Can we produce a perfect mobile platform? Can you really obtain the universal ideas and form an image in the perfect platform? We are feeling that has been done numerous occasions. But they are we susceptible to receive this sort of platform? Not necessarily. No existing mobile platforms may be known as really perfect one, and users choose them based on needs and spheres of usage, accepting all of their drawbacks. Maybe perfection lies roughly two dominating platforms – Android and iOS. Won’t we are saying that the person’s better, but we’re able to describe the choices natural within the perfect mobile platform. These traits look quite natural, but just a factor is simply too vague a definition. Let us determine more carefully, everything you mean by them, together with what we should expect within the perfect mobile platform.

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Convenience. Intuitive interface and navigation, convenience for the finish users – it is precisely what matters. Inside the finish, we purchase cell phones for convenience in lots of that folks rely on them. Apple’s iPhone introduced multi-touch, that was an alternate of mouse and stylus meanwhile iOS comes with a intuitive UI which can be instantly handled getting a child. This is often a well-known fact. An ideal platform can be a that will not take time to become familiar with – every action is natural and needs minimum user’s efforts.

Security. The problem of security on cell phones is very imperfect. A lost smartphone might cause damage to its owner – my own, personal mail his/her private information plus an approach to mobile payment within the wrong hands. Passwords should not work as primary method of protecting important data – biometric authorization is much more reliable. An ideal mobile platform may also utilize sophisticated protocols of encrypted data transmission.

Ecosystem. Okay, we do not visit a perfect mobile platform like a factor that replaces desktops. We do not really keep in mind that perfect smartphones needs to be self-sufficient devices. We do not need smartphones replacing laptops and Computers. But we wish just one ecosystem where anybody is able to begin a peculiar focus on a laptop, then in situation of need continue focusing on one document round the tablet or maybe a smartphone. Cloud storage, synchronization, integration – ideally natural and requiring no extra efforts using the user.

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Mobility. Are current cell phones mobile enough? That’s arguable. Basically we could transport them everywhere, the problem of battery existence is very acute. By active use many of them can’t work for a day. But individuals who travel or operate in the area, should don’t have any chance to recharge these questions crucial moment. An ideal mobile platform should have proper devices, which will fully allow users to make use of its abilities.

Apps. Many of the great mobile phone applications very first time to iOS to give the traditional check. This takes more efforts and time than submitting and deploying a charge card applicatoin across the Google Play market. For this reason Android is very attractive and available to new application projects. However we wouldn’t consider control an unhealthy factor. It is important in stopping garbage apps and adware and spyware and spyware and adware from dealing with the phones of users. Control is excellent. Nonetheless the closedness of iOS does not let software developers implement really their system abilities in their creations. Ideally a platform must provide developers with maximum wide options and tools, allowing to produce quality products for software proprietors and handle users. And here such attempts are produced by outdoors-source Android. But it should be as reliable as iOS.